‘Mass immigration’: Maxime Bernier reacts to Trudeau’s pledge to bring in half a million immigrants per year

'If you look at the official data, that's the real statistic, 26% of them are skilled immigrants,' said Mr. Bernier.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, People's Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier joined Ezra to discuss the Liberal Party's recent announcement that they are planning to accept a record 500,000 newcomers to Canada per year by 2025.

As stated by Mr. Bernier, "They're saying always 'more and more people, it will be important for economic growth.' You don't need more people to have prosperity and economic growth. There are small countries that are very prosperous. The most important is to increase our purchasing power, our standard of living."

He went on to say, "If mass immigration were a solution to that...Trudeau started mass immigration in 2019 with 350,000 people, and after 400,000 people, and we still have inflation in this country and our purchasing power is going down. So what they're saying, 'more and more people will bring more prosperity,' that's not the case."

Speaking further about immigration, Mr. Bernier said, "I was able to watch an interview that Pierre Poilievre did with the National Post two days ago, and he said this country is a huge country, so they can go in, I don't know...Newfoundland and other places. But the reality is, and you are right about that, 42% of them, if you look at the data and statistics, 42% of them are going to Toronto and Vancouver."

"So yes, that has an impact on the prices of houses over there," he added.

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