‘My Son Hunter’ Director Robert Davi discusses hit new film and censorship

The film focuses on the multitude of scandals surrounding Hunter Biden, son of U.S. President Joe Biden.

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On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, director Robert Davi joined Ezra to discuss his popular new film called 'My Son Hunter.' The film revolves around the scandalous personal life of Hunter Biden, the son of current U.S. President Joe Biden, and details how he was allegedly involved in high-level, corrupt business dealings to enrich himself and the Biden family.

As stated by Robert, "The subject matter, of course, is so riveting to me as it is to most people that want the truth, that want to find out the truth. That's all. And it's a satirical means I did. It's emotional, it doesn't demonize the addiction of Hunter Biden because many people are suffering by addiction."

Speaking on the Hunter Biden laptop story, Robert said, "What one must understand and I think it's imperative — we have a media, a big tech, we have Hollywood that have suppressed this story and pushed other ideas like the Russian disinformation of the Steele dossier which has been proven to be funded by Hillary's campaign. The continued finger-pointing of Donald Trump being a Putin sympathizer."

Robert went on to say, "If he was such a Putin sympathizer, why did he tell Angela Merkel in Germany don't build a pipeline — you'll be held hostage by Russia, Russian energy. Why would he do that? And why are they doing a different narrative in the media? And you know Joe Biden in 2012 met with Xi Jinping when he was vice president....Joe Biden was the point man for Hollywood in terms of getting business over there....Joe Biden said in his own words, 'China is not the enemy folks.'"

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