'The decline of great North American cities’ —Anthony Furey on Toronto's plethora of issues

'The streets are just dirtier and more in disrepair than they used to be, and it's very sad. It does dampen our future. So many young people are leaving Toronto,' Anthony Furey commented on Toronto's situation during an exclusive interview at the Canada Strong and Free Network conference in Ottawa.

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The Canada Strong and Free Network conference in Ottawa entered its second day, shining a spotlight on Anthony Furey, a columnist and broadcaster. Furey, who gained attention for his Toronto mayoral campaign in 2023, shared insights on the current state of affairs in the city and beyond.

Reflecting on Olivia Chow's tenure as Toronto's mayor, Furey remarked, "She's a lovely lady...but when it comes to policies, I think that's where we're falling short." He highlighted concerns over significant tax increases and deteriorating quality of life indicators, including traffic congestion and public safety issues.

Acknowledging the decline in safety indicators, Furey expressed mixed sentiments about Toronto's current state. "I want to be a promoter and a booster of the city...but I have to be honest and acknowledge...all the indicators of safety are going in negative directions," he stated, emphasizing the need for restoring law and order.

Addressing broader societal challenges, Furey noted a trend of declining North American cities and called for political change at both federal and municipal levels. "We care about the homeless...but they can't degrade our quality of life," he asserted, advocating for policies to address affordability and public safety concerns.

Furey also criticized policies such as safe injection sites, advocating for their phase-out in favour of treatment centers. "The more injection sites we have, the more overdoses we've had...it's spilling over into our communities," he warned.

Turning to education, Furey voiced concerns about ideological indoctrination in schools, advocating for a return to academic excellence and a focus on core subjects. "Pushing this gender ideology stuff...it's gotten out of control," he remarked, calling for a common-sense approach to education.

Looking ahead, Furey expressed a commitment to staying involved in city issues and hinted at future endeavours. "I'm going to keep involved...and gear up for what comes next," he affirmed, leaving the door open for potential future political ventures.

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