'You’re ruining Canada' carbon tax protesters speak out against Trudeau’s gas hike during inflation crisis

Canadians took to the streets to voice their opposition to the Liberal-NDP ruling regime overseeing multiple financial pressures from housing, inflation and cost of living, but forcing their expensive radical climate ideology on top of it all.

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On April 1, 2024, Canadians were made to be the fools by the Trudeau-Jagmeet Singh 23% carbon tax increase and a pay raise for all members of parliament, resulting in the Prime Minister being the 2nd most paid elected official in the world.

As a result, concerned citizens organized protests from coast to coast at highway overpasses, provincial borders and at the nation’s capital to send a strong message to elected leaders that the climate-radical ideology is not in the majority of Canada's interest and to raise awareness to others to stand up.

Citizens are facing several financial pressures from the ongoing housing crisis that hit another high in January 2024 with an average price of $2,196 according to Rentals.ca. Coupled with record-high immigration rates proudly boasted by the Prime Minister, despite being warned by Federal public servants back in 2022, increasing the number of permanent residents to 500,000 per year by 2025, twice as much when Trudeau took office. Compounded by the inflationary spending throughout the so-called pandemic has seen the currency devalued and costs of goods skyrocket.

Despite all these burdens on the average Canadian, and with seven Premiers, including two non-conservatives, calling to remove the 2024 carbon price hike, Justin Trudeau continued with his flagship policy. Going as far as to say the tax itself “will put more money back in your pocket” while many see otherwise in their day-to-day purchasing.

We spoke to those demonstrators in Hamilton and St. Catharines Ontario to hear their thoughts on these pressing issues directly.

We asked them what compelled them to come outside on Easter Monday to protest with their Canadian flags, if they believe they are fooled by so-called ‘misinformation’ that Justin Trudeau has called critics of his tax, and if the Prime Minister was watching this very report, what would you say to him?

Our team of Rebels was also out across the country to cover these demonstrations from the field, and you can see all of their reports at StopTheCarbonTax.com.

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