Gov't “back to school” rules don’t reflect COVID19 data

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This week's edition of Rebel Roundup saw a pair of new Rebels join David Menzies. Next up after Drea Humphrey was the newest of the new Rebels, Tamara Ugolini.

Tamara joined The Menzoid” in studio to discuss Ontario's back to school COVID-19 strategy, and the numerous issues raised by the guidelines set out for students and teachers. 

When discussing the fact that more than 80 per cent of the deaths in Canada are from long term care homes, something far removed from healthy young children going back to school, Tamara said:

It's been highlighted several times to the Ford government that the people most at risk here are the elderly - and of course that military report highlighted the squalor that these poor people are living in. I mean that's a disease breeding environment in and of itself. Why the focus isn't there on these poor elderly, vulnerable populations instead of the children as that graph from Ontario Public Health shows [ages ranging from] 0-30 [years old have] next to zero risk.

For Tamara, the most important health concerns for children this back to school season is this: 

If we're talking about the health and safety of children, well let's prioritize their psychological, emotional, and mental health. And of course their ability to be in a classroom and learn. I mean, masking teachers, for some of these poor students, they're not going to know what's going on. They won't be able to understand and decipher what their teacher is even saying to them.

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