“You're black, not indigenous”: Drea Humphrey talks Vancouver tent city experience

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On this Friday's episode of Rebel Roundup, David Menzies was joined by our Rebel reporter, Drea Humphrey, to discuss what it was like to have one of the occupants of Vancouver's tent city tell her what race she was.

“Very clever touch with the black,” the man says as he approaches Drea. “Black is a clever touch. This is a public park designated [sic] but it's native land,” he follows up with. 

“Yeah, I'm actually indigenous, too. I'm black and indigenous,” Drea politely informs him.

“No, you're black. Not indigenous,” he says, before being cut off by what appears to be someone involved in the leadership of the tent city.

And that was just the start of it. 

After David expressed his disbelief at the stunning hypocrisy of the tent city occupants, Drea told him: 

At what point as indigenous people is it okay to do that? The whole complaint is that some people, under the name of Christianity, were indoctrinating and colonizing  forcing  things on people. And here I am, black and indigenous, and I'm being told that I can't go on a public park  I can't do journalism — unless I bow down and do some sort of spiritual offering that I knew nothing about; I mean, it's total hypocrisy.

This clip is just a segment from the full episode of Rebel Roundup. 

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