Rebel Roundup: Racist “anti-racists,” back to school hysteria and more

Drea Humphrey ventured into a Vancouver park that has devolved into a filthy tent city. She met many wonderful, tolerant, and smart thinkers residing there… ah, no, actually, she didn’t. Just wait ‘til you see her report.

And Tamara Ugolini weighs in on the hysteria being generated regarding kids going back to school during the pandemic – hysteria that is simply not justified when you examine the stats and the science.

And finally: we get your letters every minute of every day. I’ll share some of your responses regarding our run-in at a hockey rink with the mayor of Brampton, Patrick Brown, the guy who has slapped hundreds of his residents with those $880 Wuhan virus tickets… but when it comes to Brown obeying the rules… well, it is one law for me and one law for thee…

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