Kids and Masks: Ontario's Risk Averse Back to School Rules

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Doug Ford says “When it comes to keeping our kids safe, I won’t take any unnecessary risks.”

Yet he fails to consider the psychologically damaging protocols and guidelines that he is implementing that are entirely unnecessary — that is, if you look at the data.

The guideline published by Sick Kids Hospital is riddled with concerning verbiage. There is a reoccurring theme when it comes to words used: limited, lacking, and theoretical benefit.

Meanwhile, children are at zero per cent physical risk of the Wuhan Flu as per Public Health Ontario epidemiological stats.

Ontario Public Health

They are exponentially more likely to be killed being transported to and from school (as per MTO) (pg 15, 27) than they are of the Wuhan Flu!

Even through the contact tracing conducted by the WHO, there have been zero documented cases of children spreading the Wuhan flu to a secondary source.

Masks are a best guess solution to a problem that doesn’t seem to exist. Sick Kids also states that the 2m of social distancing recommendation is a theoretical guess, noting that 1m of separation also provides protection. (pg 9)

If Doug Ford aims to avoid unnecessary risk and is supposedly prioritizing health and safety, then it’s important to note that children’s brains and bodies develop based on close contact and interaction with their care providers and peers, UNMASKED.

Prolonged distancing creates depression, contributes to poor cardiovascular function, damages the immune system and…. If you can imagine… lowers cognitive function.

The Government of Ontario is implementing rules and guidelines at school that hinders students’ cognitive development.

Once again, hypocrisy is the new normal.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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  • By Ezra Levant

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