Aid workers prepare refugee applications for Christians, Yazidis fleeing abuse in Iraq

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On my first day in Iraqi Kurdistan documenting the results of our Save the Christians fundraising efforts, I was in the city of Dohuk.

The Nazarene Fund and their in-country partners don't have the deep pockets of the United Nations to process the Christian and Yazidi refugees they help. They make due with the slim resources they have.

Aid workers and volunteers were vetting refugees and interviewing families in a hotel conference room and that was turned into a makeshift immigration processing centre for the day.

I had to be very careful about who I was filming and when because some of these Christian and Yazidi refugees will be witnesses against their ISIS persecutors, and because of that they are in constant danger.

The Christians and Yazidis being processed in Erbil this day were applying for refugee status in Australia, one of the few countries that still prioritizes victims of religious persecution in its immigration queue.

Please visit for more information on donating to support these refugees.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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