Gays Against Groomers founder weighs in on Canada's parental rights push

Jaimee Michell, president and founder of Gays Against Groomers, joins Rebel News' Adam Soos to share her perspective on the policies and to look at the aggressive pushback of progressive activists.

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Alberta, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick have been leading the charge in Canada when it comes to affirming parental rights and rejecting the woke radicalism that has gone largely unopposed, dominating politics in the nation.

The parental rights policies these provinces have implemented range from ensuring parents are informed if a child is identifying as a different gender in the classroom to preventing biological males from competing on girls’ teams.

On the medical front, we’ve also seen provinces introducing bans on irreversible so-called “gender affirming” procedures, like double mastectomies and hormone blockers for minors.

These policies signal the first major resistance, at least on a governmental level, to the virtually unchallenged progress of radical gender and sexual ideology in Canada in decades, and it goes without saying that the LGBT lobby, who haven’t been told no in a very long time, are far from happy, and have opposed even the most moderate aspects of these new policies with fervor.

I was very fortunate to be joined by Jaimee Michell, president and founder of Gays Against Groomers, to discuss her perspective on the policies and to look at the aggressive pushback of progressive activists. Jaimee and her organization have endured immense backlash for speaking out against the grooming trends she noticed were being pushed under the veil of gay or queer rights.

She has worked tirelessly to make clear that most gay people are appalled by the idea of politicians and educators wanting unfettered access to people’s children and affirms that isolating children from their parents is indeed grooming behaviour.

Canada is often used as a cautionary tale for Americans about how bad things can get, but we asked Jaimee if the fact that some provinces standing up for parental rights and saying no to radical ideologies is casting our nation in a more favourable light, especially among conservative Americans.

We also discussed the unwillingness of progressive activists to have sensible policy-oriented conversations and their defaulting to extreme rhetoric and fear mongering on any legislation that does not advance their radical ideology, in addition to breaking down the concerning trend of leftist politicians and pundits creating atmospheres of fear and anxiety for children and suggesting that conservative governments are engaged in “trans-genocide”.

Finally, we looked at the harsh attacks and isolation endured by members of the gay community who dare to speak out or question the monolithic narrative of progressive advancement that has been driving gender ideology and much of public policy for years in Canada and abroad.

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