Alberta energy, affordability, and pushing back against the carbon tax: Exclusive interviews from the UCP AGM

Rebel News spoke with a number of cabinet ministers from Alberta's United Conservative Party at their annual general meeting.

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While hot-button social issues like parental rights, tackling crime, and addiction were front of mind for many of the 3600+ in attendance at this year's United Conservative Party annual general meeting, the Alberta government's pushback against the overreaching federal government's carbon tax was undoubtedly one of the biggest stories leading up to the convention.

Alberta’s Minister of Environment and Protected Areas Rebecca Schulz  who has endeared herself to many Albertans as a thorn in the side of Liberal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault  joined us to discuss how the Liberals' climate plan, or lack thereof, and their special carbon tax carve outs for parts of the country where they are trying to secure votes prove that the federal Liberals' environmentalism has more to do with political posturing than protecting the planet.

You can also watch my previous in-depth discussion on the UCP’s renewable energy pause and untenable federal 2035 net-zero goal with Minister Schulz by clicking here.

Brian Jean, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, also granted us an exclusive interview in which he affirmed that Alberta was done apologizing for our natural resources and that a Danielle Smith led UCP would continue to advocate for Alberta energy and Alberta jobs not only nationally, but internationally. Minister Jean echoed many of the sentiments that he shared in our recent discussion on the environmental, economic and moral responsibility of getting Alberta energy to markets around the world.

We spoke with Minister of Affordability and Utilities Nathan Neudorf as well as Parliamentary Secretary for Affordability and Utilities Chantelle De Jonge, who both blasted the Liberal government's hypocrisy on the Atlantic Canada carbon tax break recently.

They also agreed that the Liberals have undermined their entire pitch on the carbon tax by insisting that it wouldn’t adversely impact working class families, only to then give special regional breaks from the carbon tax because it absolutely is hurting working class families. They also weighed in on the momentum of the UCP AGM and the new brand of unapologetic conservatism coming out of Alberta under Danielle Smith’s leadership.

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