Albertans block lane on Trans-Canada Highway in protest of new carbon tax hike

In the western part of Calgary, hundreds gathered to protest the federal government's new carbon tax hike, effective April 1.

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At the Highway 1A and 22 Interchange, just west of Calgary, around 300 people gathered to stand in solidarity against the federal government’s carbon tax hike, which took effect on April 1.

The protest against the carbon tax wasn't just happening in this location, but across Canada, with some set to span for the days ahead. We had reporters stationed at various sites and provinces to provide rounded coverage.

Canadians were out in full force making their voices heard, demanding an end to what they perceive as unnecessary and adding weight to the already existing affordability issues.

The Trudeau government presents the carbon tax as a stepping stone to addressing climate change, but many Canadians see right through the lies – that this is nothing more than legalized robbery of people.

They will sell you the story that Canadians will get a rebate of more than what you put into the tax. However, in reality, it will cost the average family $900 more than what they get back. It is also quite a coincidence that Members of Parliament are set to receive a raise on the same day as the federal tax hike.

Several provincial leaders have raised their concerns on the hike, seeking a tax break, but were met with rejection.

This all means higher prices at the pump, to heat your home, and much more. The price of gas will be going from $65 per ton to $80 per ton. The federal carbon tax is going up 3 cents to bring us to 17 cents per litre. In Alberta, we will also see a hike to the provincial tax on fuel, which will jump up by 4 cents.

The rally-goers managed to block one lane going east towards Canmore and Banff for many hours. Traffic was backed up approximately three kilometers, forcing RCMP to redirect traffic.

We spoke to some of the protesters, and their responses were heartbreaking – people cannot afford to live. This tax hike will only make things much harder for Canadians.

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