Another flag flap raises the question: did Molson Coors not learn anything from the Bud Light fiasco?

Yes, just like foodservice giant Recipe Unlimited a few klicks away on Hwy 400, Molson Coors has gone woefully woke with its flag.

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Should you happen to be at the cross section of Highways 401 and 427 in Toronto, look northwest toward the Canadian headquarters of Molson Coors Beverage Company. And as they used to say on The Friendly Giant, “Look up, look waaay up.”

On a typical day, you will spot a supersized Maple Leaf situated upon a very impressive flagpole. But alas, the Canadian flag has been replaced by that multi-coloured monstrosity known as the progress pride flag, complete with a BIPOC vagina (but oddly, no purple flurple.)

Yes, just like foodservice giant Recipe Unlimited a few klicks away on Hwy 400, Molson-Coors has gone woefully woke with its flag.

But the question arises: why? Especially since it’s so close to July 1, a.k.a., Dominion Day? And is there not added risk for the likes of a brewer going down this virtue-signaling route?

Just ask Anheuser-Busch. That brewer is still coping with more than US$16 billion in stock value losses. This was due to the disastrous Dylan Mulvaney marketing fiasco in which frat boys were mocked. (Note to Anheuser-Busch: it is frat boys, not transvestites mocking real women, who are [or were] loyally buying Bud Light by the caseload. You’re welcome.)

Indeed, south of the border, as the Bud Light boycott shows no signs of ebbing, one of the beneficiaries happens to be Coors Light as beer drinkers seek out alternatives that are not linked to Budweiser.

So, given these ominous bottom line blunders, why would Molson Coors tread into such treacherous virtue-signaling waters? Indeed, did you notice that Molson ad during the Stanley Cup playoffs, the one featuring a drag queen? That’s what hockey fans want to see, of course.

How sad that this company is now pushing perversity as opposed to patriotism. After all, remember that classic Molson “I am Canadian” ad from the ’90s, back when things were, you know, far more normal?

So again, the question arises: is Molson Coors nuts? Or are things perhaps different in the Great White North when it comes to kowtowing to the radical trans agenda?

The answer, no doubt, will come when we analyze Molson-Coors sales and market share numbers in the months ahead. In the meantime, how odd that Molson will make use of the word “Canadian” for one of its best-selling brands, but is apparently too ashamed of flying the Canadian flag in the month of June. (Of note, we did reach out to the Molson Coors media relations department and visited the brewer’s Toronto HQ but no comment was provided.) Sad.

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