First, the Blue Jays turfed Anthony Bass at the behest of the rainbow mafia. Now they pretend he never actually existed in the first place…

Get this: Anthony Bass’s history as a Blue Jay is also history, in that the organization is seemingly pretending that this so-called 'transphobe' never existed on the roster in the first place.

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You might think that the Anthony Bass story is old news. But there is a new and bizarre angle to report.

By way of background, last month, the LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP+Etcetera community discovered that Bass, a pitcher with the Toronto Blue Jays, had carried out a heinous act of transphobia.

Good golly, Miss Molly… or is it Mister Molly? That sounds serious. Transphobia! What did Anthony Bass do exactly? Utter death threats? Punch a drag queen?

Nope. Bass’s sin was sharing a post on Instagram that called for boycotts of Target and Bud Light. These are very popular boycotts, by the way — well, at least when it comes to those who identify as normal people. Just check out Anheuser Busch’s stock: it has fallen by more than US$16 billion since the disastrous Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light campaign. Target’s stock has fallen by more than US$10 billion since it’s boneheaded decision to sell penis-hiding swimming suits and other weirdo trans merchandise.

But the spirit unicorn set was in a tizzy over Bass’s endorsement of these boycotts. And we can’t have that. So it was that the first step in the “rehabilitation” of Anthony Bass was the issuance of a groveling public apology by the pitcher.

Then Bass was forced to attend a lecture by Sherwin Modeste, the executive director at Pride Toronto. Oh, death, where is thy sting?

But the Blue Jays organization was not quite done yet with the public flogging of this man who was guilty of wrong-think. Because in a Friday game against the Minnesota Twins, the pitcher Bass was going to transition — can we use that word? — into a catcher for a ceremonial pre-game pitch tossed by Toronto trans activist leZlie lee Kam.

Alas, at the last second, for reasons that remain a mystery, the Jays organization cancelled that circus act, and released Bass. We imagine the ball club, owned by uber-woke Rogers, decided that Bass was too much of a deplorable basketcase and it was best that he throw baseballs elsewhere lest the spirit unicorns up in the cheap seats remain triggered by the man’s very presence on the team.

So it is that Anthony Bass as a Blue Jay is now ancient history. But get this: Anthony Bass’s history as a Blue Jay is also history in that the organization is seemingly pretending that this so-called “transphobe” never existed on the roster in the first place. Either that or they are continuing to carry out a vendetta against this man.

By way of explanation, do you know that it is actually verboten to purchase a Blue Jays jersey bearing the surname BASS and the number 52. We’re not kidding.

And the explanations are all over the map. One employee at the Blue Jays swag shop said they will only crest the name and number for players who are on the current active roster. But we found out that’s not true. If one wants a jersey bearing the names and numbers of players from yester-decade — for example, Lloyd Moseby, Dave Stieb, and Jesse Barfield — those jerseys are readily available for purchase.

We asked what if the jersey was a gift for a friend with the surname Bass? We received two different answers. First, we could buy a jersey with Bass on it, but not Anthony Bass’s number, 52. Another employee said we could buy a Bass 52 jersey, but we had to provide government-issued I.D. to ensure that this other Mr. Bass actually exists. We’re not making this up.

We were also told this was Blue Jays policy and/or Major League Baseball policy. And we were informed that this policy might prohibit an independent sports store to crest a Blue Jays jersey with BASS 52 emblazoned on the back. (That was false: we went to another shop and did indeed get a Jays jersey crested in such a manner without incurring the wrath of the Fashion Police.)

We reached out to the Blue Jays media relations team, specifically Andrea Goldstein and Simon Wells, to find out what the real story is. Neither flack replied. So, we paid a visit to SkyDome to see if anyone in the front office could give us an explanation.

A gruff security guard informed us that we needed to book an appointment to get an interview; we said we tried to do just that, but nobody responded to our emails. So she said we should send them… an email. At this point, the conversation soon resembled a new age version of Abbott and Costello’s Who’s on First? routine…

So, there you have it: to appease the rainbow mafia, the Blue Jays continue to conduct a vendetta against Anthony Bass simply for expressing an opinion that the lunatic fringe takes exception to.

The end result: Bass, like a member of a totalitarian regime who has suddenly been deemed persona non grata, has been erased from existence. It’s cancel-culture that would make Orwell blush. It’s downright baffling. And disturbing…

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