Anti-white art exhibition supported by Vancouverites

In today's report, Rebel News reporter Drea Humphrey walks through a white-shaming art exhibit inside the Vancouver Art Gallery and interviews bystanders to get their opinion of it.

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I had heard about it, but couldn’t believe it was true until my eyes actually saw it, and now you can too.

In today's report, I walk you through the overtly racist 'art' exhibition that occupied the third floor of the Vancouver Art Gallery until February fourth.

If you're white, or as one of the pieces in 'The Conceptions of White' exhibit says, “If you're the problem,” then I honestly don't know how you could walk through this exhibit without feeling anger, shame, or both.

The exhibit, created by Hampton and Lillian O'Brien-David, features white-shaming art from a variety of artists, claiming to examine "ways in which whiteness and the white race have shaped the world."

Some of the ways in which the exhibit apparently does this are by having white people look at themselves on an iPad that tells them they are "undeserving" next to a caption that reads, "find out if you're privileged or just lucky." 

Another way is to racially profile white people by having them use an "Aryan recognition tool" set up next to images of Nazis.

After scanning my image, the machine told me, a Black and Indigenous woman, that I was 38% Aryan, which, to me, proves the whole system is rigged to make any white person participating feel like a piece of unworthy trash.

But I guess I'm old school and think people should be judged by their character and not the colour of their skin, because when I asked people walking near the Art Gallery what their thoughts were about some of the tax-funded art inside, they were all supportive of it.

Thankfully, the exhibit, which was in Ontario last year, has left Vancouver ... for now.

We've saved you the $30.00 entry fee and step into the woke Twilight Zone with me by clicking on the full video report to see the exhibit yourself. Be sure to tell me what your thoughts are about it in the comments.

State-choice media and the Trudeau-Funded Anti-Hate Network have failed to inform the public about this shameful display of racism.

If you appreciate that Rebel News doesn't hold back from reporting on the truth, please consider donating what you can here to help us cover the expenses involved in doing so.

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