Anti-Israel protesters blockade Montreal bridge, Trudeau's parliamentary office in latest escalation

Far-left activists in the pro-Hamas crowd are now blocking Canadian infrastructure to call for a ceasefire while terrorists hold 230+ hostages, with many citizens asking why police were so quick to act against Freedom Convoy protesters but not these demonstrations.

Anti-Israel protesters blockade Montreal bridge, Trudeau's parliamentary office in latest escalation
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In the early morning of November 16 2023, ‘pro-Palestinian’ groups around the world are continuing their ‘Global Intifada’, a call to disrupt to and raise awareness about the ongoing conflict between Israel-Hamas, which is now seeing crowds blocking infrastructure in Montreal along with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's parliamentary office in the capitol. 

Starting at 7 a.m., about a hundred protesters organized at Jacques Cartier Bridge, the city’s busiest commuter bridge, calling Canada complicit in war crimes for supporting Israel. 

The group forced a complete shutdown of the bridge, with police watching from afar, causing a major disruption for residents heading to work.

In the video recording posted on X (formerly Twitter), you can hear the jovial atmosphere with Arabic music playing as the crowd chanted for a ceasefire and justice. 

The spokesperson for the obstruction, Rachel Barker, reportedly told the CBC that more protests are being organized, and do not plan to end until Trudeau calls for a ceasefire. 

Many on X pointed out the glaringly hypocritical behaviour of the authorities for not acting quicker and allowing this illegal protest to happen, and, as of writing, no arrests or charges have been made. 

Rebel News’ publisher Ezra Levant explains how Trudeau’s MPs might even have enjoyed this.

“I remember when truckers blocked a bridge between Windsor and Detroit. Police moved in to clear the bridge and lay charges. And days later, Trudeau invoked martial law and froze bank accounts of protesters. I think it’s likely that Trudeau’s MPs are part of this blockade.” he wrote in a post on X.

A popular personality among online conservative issues, Martyupnorth, questioned the lack of police action taken in comparison with the measures the Trudeau government was willing to take against the peaceful 2022 Freedom Convoy, who were standing up for all Canadians rights against COVID restrictions imposed by tyrannical governments.

Eva Chipiuk, who represented the Freedom Convoy as a lawyer during the Public Order Emergency Commission, also gave her thoughts on how the media aren’t labelling this crowd as terrorists or racists, despite the open calls for genocide through chants and the incredible displays of open antisemitism at the rallies.

“Can someone remind me about the protests that occurred in Canada in February 2022? Do you think these protesters be labeled as racists or terrorists? These protestors be arrested? These protesters be beaten up by the police? These protesters be blamed for the decline in the economy? These protesters will be held responsible for Canada's diminished reputation abroad? Will the back accounts of these protesters be frozen?” Chipiuk wondered. 

Many of the issues she pointed out occurred because elected officials and police authorities justified their response to the Freedom Convoy based on perceived "microaggressions" and feeling threatened by the Freedom Convoy protest participants.

However, it turned out that those threats were not real — and what truly challenged to the authorities was the power of the people.

Later that morning, as part of their national collaborative effort to cause disruption “until justice prevails” according to their post, Trudeau’s own parliamentary office had demonstrators perform a “die in” outside.

Sign our petition if you agree that visitors in our great Dominion who are supporting terrorist organizations like Hamas should be sent back where they came from at At that same website, you can see all of our coverage on the story across Canada.

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