Antifa and anti-Israel activists block Montreal highway and entrance to weapons company

Just a day after Israel brokered a ceasefire deal with Hamas to release hostages in-exchange for Palestinian prisoners, terrorist sympathizers continued their disruptions across the country.

Antifa and anti-Israel activists block Montreal highway and entrance to weapons company
Instagram / palsolidaritycad
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Early this morning in Montreal, Quebec, far-left activists involved in the Palestinian movement coordinated with a violent organization, Antifa, to take over a six-lane highway and block entry and exit to Lockheed Martin and Bombardier.

“Stand up, fight back!” they chanted with glee, the popular slogan used by so called “Anti-facists” who employ violence against journalists and peaceful protesters.

Many could be seen donning full ‘blac-bloc’ attire, used by the organization to commit crimes without easily being identified by police and their victims for legal repercussions and justice.

One of the anarchist-branded banners held by the thugs read, “enemies to Gaza are ours in Montreal,” seemingly a threat for violence like Hamas did last month on October 7 where 1200 Israelis were murdered and over 200 taken hostage.

They also decried “Militaries, capitalists, police, governments, mass media and borders” as ideas and institutions they stand against.

Originally posted to Meta’s Instagram from one of the many growing anti-Israel activist accounts, it was reposted to Twitter to social outcry from users.

“Where are our corrupt cops?” one posted in a comparison to how police officers violently crushed, arrested and charged those who protested against COVID restrictions across Canada.

Another added, “Thats a handful of people and they cant handle them...give me a break.”

This comes just 12 hours after Israel had brokered a temporary ceasefire with Hamas for an exchange of Israeli hostages, mainly women and children for 150 Palestinian prisoners.

Yesterday, Justin Trudeau also opined his thoughts on the ongoing rise of disruptions by these groups by saying ”we're a country that protects the freedom of expression...that respects and supports people even when we disagree with them."

Many online had slammed the prime minister for tone-deaf comments and hypocritical narcissism as it was his government that had invoked the Emergencies Act, a reformed version of the War Measures act to crush the peaceful Truckers’ Convoy of 2022 who were protesting against COVID restrictions.

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