Are lockdowns the solution? Toronto reacts to Doug Ford's stay-at-home order

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Well, this is all really starting to feel like a bad dream. We are currently in the midst of a second province-wide lockdown in Ontario. With case numbers continuously on the rise, it is starting to become more and more apparent that locking down the country is not the solution when it comes to dealing with COVID-19.

MPP Roman Baber, who represents the riding of York Centre, recently delivered an open letter to Premier Doug Ford which clearly outlined the hypocrisy and confusion we are all dealing with when it comes to locking down the province in order to “flatten the curve.” For his trouble, he ended up booted from caucus and accused of “spreading misinformation.”

I'm Lincoln Jay, and I wanted to gather some different opinions and ideas regarding the current restrictions.

Why should we have to abide by measures put in place when the politicians creating these measures are constantly getting caught not following them?

We headed out to Yonge-Dundas Square to find out how people really feel when it comes to lockdowns.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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