ARRESTED For Journalism: Ezra Levant explains arrest of David Menzies at Brampton public facility

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Yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra shared some clips from the Rebel News trip to Brampton's Earnscliffe Recreation Centre that saw Rebel reporter David Menzies end up in the back of a Peel Regional Police cruiser. All for having the temerity to report on Sneaky Patrick Brown, mayor of Brampton, who had been using the public facility for hockey, while skirting numerous rules (that Mayor Brown put in place).

Unlike the incident outside Toronto's City Hall at Nathan Phillips Square, this time police had no time to talk. As Ezra describes it:

The cop arrested David pretty quickly. And what could we do? Physically pull David away from the cop? There were five squad cars  four marked cars and a ghost car I saw later. It was barren there before the cops came. There was David and me, our lawyer Guidy Mamann, just standing outside the arena on the public sidewalk and no one else was there.

We weren't causing any trouble; there was actually no one else to cause trouble with  other than Patrick Brown's personal private security guards, the ones I call 'mall cops,' they have no idea about the law. I knew more than them.

Stay tuned for more, as the full version of the events in Brampton will be released soon.

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