'I want to see Canada thrive' – Defending the future of natural resources in a net-zero world

Heidi McKillop, a prominent documentarian specializing in oil and gas shared her insights polarizing debate on energy in Canada during the yearly Canada Strong & Free Network.

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In a recent interview during the 2024 Canada Strong and Free network conference held in Ottawa, Heidi McKillop, a prominent documentarian specializing in oil and gas content, President and CEO at ASN Productions Ltd, shared her insights on the ongoing debate surrounding energy in Canada. 

Regarding the criticism leveled against oil and gas by the Trudeau Liberals, McKillop expressed her views candidly.

"I think this is so contradictory to their spending that they love to do all the time," she remarked. "And where are you going to get the money from? It is from natural resources. And the revenue that is generated in Canada is foundational to the fabric of our society."

McKillop highlighted the complexity of transitioning away from oil and gas, noting the challenges associated with alternative energy sources. "There is no replacement of oil and gas right now that I have seen," she stated. "Scammers are probably 30 years away from being market-valued at the same capacity. That's going to complement oil and gas, not even remove it, but complement it."

In her upcoming documentary, McKillop explores the intricacies of solar and wind energy, shedding light on their limitations and potential. "When you start getting into transmission lines and lost energy and placement of wind turbines, it's very complicated," she explained. "I think politicians are kind of up against the wire right now because it's an ideologically driven conversation. It's not based on facts."

McKillop also raised concerns about the ethical implications of renewable energy sources, pointing to issues such as child labor in cobalt mines. "These are conversations that are part of the fabric of the renewable conversation," she noted. "Every energy form is dependent on natural resources for fabrication."

Reflecting on Canada's environmental values, McKillop emphasized the country's role as a leader in environmental stewardship. "Canadians love our environment, and we are leaders in this," she asserted. "It is our value system that we need to move forward on."

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