Audience reaction to speeches by former PMs Boris Johnson and Tony Abbott

In Ottawa on April 10, the Canada Strong and Free Network Conference featured two prominent public figures: Tony Abbott, former Prime Minister of Australia, and Boris Johnson, former Prime Minister of the UK. The panel discussed topics including climate change, warfare, and freedom of expression.

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Established in 2005 as the Manning Centre for Building Democracy, the Canada Strong and Free Network fosters networking and idea exchange among conservatives. It emphasizes principles like limited government, free enterprise, individual responsibility, and strengthening civil society.

During the conference, attendees had the opportunity to hear from key figures like Pierre Poilievre, Blaine Higgs, Tony Abbott, and Boris Johnson.

The panel discussion on the first day featured Boris Johnson and Tony Abbott addressing issues such as the conflict in Ukraine, the Hamas-Israel conflict, climate change, achieving net-zero emissions, and freedom of expression.

Johnson, known for his outspoken nature, received praise from attendees, with one remarking, "I thought he was terrific." Another echoed this sentiment, stating, "I was not disappointed. I thought he was very outspoken, as we expect him to be."

The conversation delved into various topics, including the situation in Ukraine and the threat posed by Hamas. A Canadian-Israeli attendee expressed satisfaction with their stance on Hamas, emphasizing the need to confront evil and restore peace in the Middle East. "I am very proud to be a conservative," they affirmed.

The discussion also touched on environmental concerns, with Johnson and Abbott offering differing perspectives on climate change. Despite their disagreements, attendees appreciated the lively exchange of ideas.

"I think it's a reflection that we can disagree agreeably," remarked one participant.

While there were divergent views on certain issues, such as global warming, attendees emphasized the importance of respectful debate within the Conservative Party. "We all agree on our foundational visions of freedom, family, and putting forward the best government possible," noted a participant.

Overall, the meeting showcased the diversity of opinions within the Conservative Party and highlighted the party's commitment to addressing global challenges while championing conservative values. As one attendee aptly summarized, "Conservative Party is a Big Tent party."

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  • By David Menzies

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