WATCH: Avi Yemini DESTROYS Nas Daily in climate debate

Rebel reporter Avi Yemini puts Nas Daily in his place using basic maths

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YouTuber star Nas Daily has millions of fans from around the world and the self-proclaimed humble "boy from the village" has been brought into the inner-circle of the global elite at the World Economic Forum because of his influence.

Following an encounter outside the WEF's annual gathering of global head honchos, Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini challenged the popular content creator to a debate.

In this clip, Nas accuses Avi of "guilt activism" for "shoving a microphone in his face" and challenging him as a person of significant power and influence over the YouTube generation. Avi points out the hypocrisy of Nas' statement, explaining to him that "guilt activism" is actually a key strategy of woke activists in enforcing global change upon the world's population.

Nas Daily uploaded a heavily edited version of the two-hour debate, with most of his own audience in the comments believing Yemini won.

The full two-hour debate is available completely unedited, exclusively for Rebel News+ subscribers, so you can see the full context of the debate.

Stay tuned to over the coming days as we release parts of the debate that didn't make the final cut in Nas Daily's video.

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