B.C restricts ALL non-essential travel within the province

B.C restricts ALL non-essential travel within the province

Starting Thursday, British Columbia is entering a travel advisory which limits all non-essential province within and to the province for a minimum of "two weeks."

At a press conference on Wednesday, Premier John Horgan stated that he had consulted with the province's Public Health officials in designing the abruptly-implemented move, more details of which are expected later on today.

“When it comes to travel, non-essential travel is prohibited in British Columbia and it will remain that way for the next two weeks at least,” he said, later adding. “This is not the time to go storm watching on the west coast of Vancouver Island."

British Columbia defines non-essential travel as any movement for purposes other than work, gathering essential goods, or attending medical appointments.

No specifics were given about how the new restrictions would be enforced, or whether those travelling within or to the province would be required to quarantine.