Campus radicals have graduated into the highest levels of political power: Benjamin Weingarten

Senior Contributor at The Federalist Benjamin Weingarten explains how anti-Western radicals have graduated from universities and entered some of the most influential roles in politics, culture, and business.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Benjamin Weingarten joined the show to discuss Joe Biden's presidency and how anti-Western forces have embedded themselves within some of the most significant institutions in politics, business, and culture.

As stated by Mr. Weingarten, "If you look, the National Security Council in America, which is the chief national security advisory arm to the president, the head of intelligence at NSC here was a pro-BDS activist in college."

"We've probably talked about Rob Malley in the past before but Rob Malley was the senior State Department envoy to Iran trying to execute an Iran deal 2.0. It appears Rob Malley led an Iranian spy ring. One of the people we brought into that spy ring still works in a senior position at the Department of Defense," added Mr. Weingarten.

Mr. Weingarten went on to say, "If you are going to import wide swathes of the Muslim world, while you would hope that a decent percentage of those people would be those trying to flee the maladies and the pathologies of that world, of course enemies are going to take advantage of our liberalism when it comes to immigration, and people are going to come over with the beliefs that they held there."

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