Biden preaches unity, pretends the left doesn't lie | Joel Pollak joins Ezra Levant

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January 20, 2021 marked the first day of Joe Biden's term as president of the United States. With thousands of National Guard soldiers occupying Washington, D.C., and heightened police presence at state capitols across the country, a new era was ushered in.

On yesterday's edition of The Ezra Levant Show, Breitbart senior editor-at-large Joel Pollak joined Ezra to share his mixed feelings on Biden's inauguration speech.

Joel saw the good and the bad in the speech, telling Ezra that: 

Given the setting and given the context, I think the speech was very good in terms of its focus on unity. I think he had some very good lines, “we must end this uncivil war,” I think that was the line of the speech. And I think that'll be remembered... I think that's the way he wants to be thought of as a president, and I think he did himself a really good turn by making unity the focus of the speech. 

Now, the negative part of the speech was a section about truth. Joe Biden has promoted this conceit that somehow he represents truth and the opposition represents lies and he went after what he called lies for power and for profit — I'm paraphrasing slightly. But, first of all, it's not true that other people lie and Joe Biden tells the truth. I mean, Joe Biden is one of the most notorious liars in the history of American politics...

But aside from the hypocrisy, it was a subtle endorsement of the cancel culture. The idea that these social media platforms are going to try to get rid of users and groups that hold alternative views that the left considers untrue.

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