Biden's stumble is a presidential metaphor | Benjamin Weingarten with Ezra Levant

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U.S. President Joe Biden's stumble up the stairs while boarding Air Force One made headlines around the world. On the surface, it isn't much of a story. Everyone has done it, regardless of age, at some point in there life.

The stumble, however, came as America's adversaries like China, Russia and Iran have been politically testing the new administration.

On a recent edition of The Ezra Levant Show, Benjamin Weingarten, senior contributor at The Federalist, columnist for Newsweek and The Epoch Times, joined Ezra Levant to discuss the early days of the Biden presidency.

Benjamin thought Biden's trip served as a metaphor for his presidency so far, telling Ezra:

All of America's worst adversaries are essentially taking us on, at least rhetorically, with what would be reckless abandon in the face of another administration... this one, seems to invite it. As you noted [Ezra], the Iranian regime sees the Biden administration offering to come to the table without pre-conditions to work on a re-spun Iran deal. 

With the Chinese counterparts at this debacle in Anchorage, Alaska attacking America for purported human rights violations and invoking Black Lives Matter and history of human rights violations on the American side.

When it comes to Russia, as you [Ezra] noted, with Vladimir Putin firing demanding a debate, calling the president essentially a killer as well.

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