BIG FIGHT: Here’s what happened in Federal Court today, battling Justin Trudeau

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We were in the Federal Court of Canada today fighting against Justin Trudeau. It’s round two of the war that he started when he banned our reporters from covering the leaders debates in the last election.

Back then we won an emergency court injunction to let us report. But now Trudeau is doing everything he can to hide his internal records about that fiasco from a judge.

Trudeau doesn’t want to disclose who really made the decision, and who they consulted with in other media outlets first. He’s trying to get the judicial review thrown out to save face.

WATCH my recap of what happened today.

It’s a tough battle, that’s for sure. Trudeau had at least four lawyers fighting for him today — all on the taxpayer’s dime. On the other hand, we have to crowdfund our legal fees from the public, a dollar at a time.

But the worst part of today was the fact that not a single other media company was there with us in court as an ally. In the past — before Trudeau got the media addicted to his annual bail-out funding — media companies took an “all for one and one for all” approach to censorship. They knew they had to nip censorship in the bud, or it would come for them next.

Well, it has come for us. And all the rest of the media are just fine with it. It was just us and our friends at True North.

Well, that’s not quite true. Because you’re on our team too — I hope! Please help us level the playing field with Trudeau’s unlimited legal budget. Please click here to chip in a few dollars — or even $100 if you can — to help us fight against Trudeau’s relentless censorship.

I promise I’ll let you know the moment we get the judge’s ruling.

In our last court battle, our lawyers cost us a grand total of $18,000. Trudeau spent $131,000 to try to smash us back then — but we still won. Now they want to crush us again, and they’ll outspend us ten to one this time if they have to.

Can you please help us even the odds? VISIT — thank you!

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