BREAKING: Border blockade truckers release statement to Premier Kenney, Prime Minister Trudeau

The statement from the protesters comes ahead of Premier Kenney's planned press conference later today.

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The truckers who had previously been blockading the Coutts, Alberta border crossing into the U.S. have released a statement directed to Premier Jason Kenney and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Speaking this afternoon, three of the group's organizers delivered their message to the public.

“While using emergency powers, our provincial and federal governments, with the assistance of health departments, have systematically taken away our rights and freedoms,” the spokesman said. “We, the people, call on Jason Kenney and Justin Trudeau to immediately stop and retract all provincial and federal mandates and emergency health measures.”

“We call on the premier to do the right thing. The people have spoken,” the truckers' spokesman continued. “This is not about which side you are on or political clout. This fight is for the freedoms of all.”

Concluding, the spokesman said “there can be no compromise of our fundamental human rights. We call on Canadians to rise up and peacefully take back our freedoms.”

Last week, Premier Kenney announced that his government would be releasing plans to remove restrictions beginning this week. The premier seems to be holding to that promise, with a press conference scheduled for later today where he is expected to release at least some portion of that plan.

Prime Minister Trudeau earlier ruled out meeting with the truckers in Ottawa.

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