New documentary ‘COVID Collateral’ exposes collusion and censorship behind pandemic policy

The upcoming documentary 'COVID Collateral' delves into the societal repercussions and consequences of COVID-19 measures, exposing collusion between Big Tech, Big Government and medical establishments to stifle dissent and institute sweeping censorship.

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A new documentary detailing the trials and tribulations of the COVID-19 aftermath comes out next month called COVID Collateral.

The documentary highlights the societal destruction caused by the very measures purported to protect public health through the COVID hysteria. It details how Big Tech and Big Government collusion gave way to an illusion of consensus on everything from lockdowns to early treatment options to mandates.

COVID Collateral explores the suppression of dissenting voices by those at the highest levels of medical establishments, big tech and governments, unravelling the consequences of censorship in a free society.

Director Vanessa Dylyn – a documentary filmmaker with over two decades of diverse subject matter expertise – joins Rebel News to discuss this documentary.

Dylyn says that the topic of COVID-19 gets a lot of people’s backs up, which she refers to as “quiet hostility towards the film.”

"When I pitched the concept of this film on the suppression of science during the period of COVID, I did all my due diligence, wrote it up, put in place a great team, but there was a wall of silence across Canada. Broadcasters who knew my work were either politely silent or just said, ‘no, this isn't for us.’ There was this real trepidation, in my own industry. It was difficult to get people to actually work on this. Outside of my creative core team. It was difficult to get business people. Even the closed captioning technician recently said, ‘no thanks.’"

That didn’t stop Dylyn from moving forward, who felt compelled to give a voice to some of the leading figures in the fields of epidemiology, public health and the natural sciences who were ridiculed, silenced and censored by medical institutions and the media alike.

The basis of the film is to explore how censoring science affects a free society – that is, how the suppression of scientific debate leads to distorted public understanding, hinders policymaking and erodes trust in our institutions.

“As one of our chief doctors in the film says, if you censor science, as opposed to censoring other things, people die,” Dylyn says. “If public institutions don't give the public accurate facts, and if there are too many competing interests against these facts, then people are not well served.”

The first screening will take place on Thursday, May 9 at the Isabel Bader Theatre in Toronto. The event will be moderated by award-winning former CBC investigative journalist Rodney Palmer and will feature speakers like law professor Bruce Pardy, Jennifer Hibberd from Canada Health Alliance, and former emergency department physician Rochagne Kilian.

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