BREAKING: Avi Yemini tells Ezra Levant that ground invasion of Gaza is imminent

Two American hostages have reportedly been released by Hamas terrorists, potentially as a means to delay the imminent invasion.

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A team of alternative journalists are camping out near the border of Gaza and Israel as rumours swirl that the Israeli Defense Forces are about to invade Gaza.

Avi Yemini spoke with Ezra Levant live from the field. During their discussion, Hamas drones were seen flying overhead, and Avi was forced into a bomb shelter on multiple occasions.

It's been reported that two American hostages have been released by Hamas, potentially as a means to delay or stall before the invasion begins. Still, hundreds of Israelis — some likely already dead — remain held hostage by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

The forthcoming ground invasion will be part of Israel's response to the unprovoked and horrific murders and terrorist attacks that Hamas committed on Israeli citizens on October 7.

Avi and producer Benji explain the current state and continue to provide on-the-ground coverage of the war against the terrorist group Hamas. Watch all of their content at

UPDATE: After camping out all night, Avi reports that secret negotiations appear to be in progress, and the release of two hostages did successfully delay the Israeli invasion. 

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