BREAKING: Twitter finally cracking down on pedophiles, changes Terms of Service

BREAKING: Twitter finally cracking down on pedophiles, changes Terms of Service
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Twitter is finally making a change to its controversial Terms of Service -- one which previously allowed for the discussion and promotion of "minor-attraction."

The platform's newly released Terms of Service have finally amended previous rules which many activists claimed helped normalise pedophilia as a sexual identity.

In January 2020, Twitter quietly reworded certain elements of their Terms of Service, allowing for the discussion of "child sexual exploitation as a phenomenon." The Terms of Service also allowed for "artistic depictions" of nude minors.

While the old policies stated there was a limit on "promoting or glorifying child sexual exploitation," it allowed for a community of "minor attracted people" to flourish and communicate in the open, often posting computer-generated and animated child pornography, with no recourse for other Twitter users to take to try and remove them from the site as their actions did not constitute a rule violation.

But the newest manifestation of the Terms of Service has changed all that, with Twitter boldly stating the website has "a zero-tolerance child sexual exploitation policy."

Of the most significance is a major change which will effectively end the phenomena of "minor attracted people" continuing to discuss their pedophilia as a protected category.

The new Terms of Service clearly outline that "promoting or normalising sexual attraction to minors as a form of identity or sexual orientation" is now prohibited.

The old allowances for the "artistic depictions" of nude minors have also been struck, with the platform now asserting that "media, text, illustrated, or computer-generated images" depicting the abuse of children is a violation of the Terms of Service, as are the discussion of "fantasies about or promoting engagement in child sexual exploitation."


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  • By Ezra Levant

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