British Columbia Bylaw

British Columbia Bylaw
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Requirements for British Columbia

Masks required in all indoor public settings, e.g. shopping centres, grocery stores and other retail locations, restaurants (when not seated at a table), city and community facilities, common areas in apartment buildings, condos and hotels

Masks required in all workplaces in shared areas and areas where physical distancing cannot be maintained, including elevators, hallways, kitchens, break rooms, customer counters


  •  Children under age 12
  • Person unable to wear mask due to:
    • psychological, behavioral or health condition
    • physical, cognitive or mental impairment
  • People who cannot put on or remove a mask on their own
  • Temporary removal for purposes of identification
  • While consuming food or drink at a location designated for that purpose by the operator
  • While participating in sport or fitness activity at sport or fitness facility
  • While receiving personal service that requires mask removal
  • While communicating with hearing-impaired person


Ministerial Order No. M012

Updated: February 16, 2021 

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