Calgary City Council pumps brakes on $100K Bill-21 lawsuit in Quebec

For the time being at least, tax dollars are staying in Calgary.

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Calgarians were rightfully outraged when Mayor Jyoti Gondek decided to launch a personal vendetta against Quebec’s Bill-21 using municipal tax funds. Bill-21, a Quebec law which prevents public officials deemed to be in positions of authority from wearing religious symbols, is a problematic and likely Charter violating law that should be challenged in court, but it is not Jyoti Gondek’s place as mayor of Calgary to allocate municipal tax dollars to personal passion projections across Canada, regardless of how honourable they may be.

Clearly Jyoti and city council got the message.

Many locals voiced their concerns after we brought you this story last week, because her efforts to allocate $100,000 to a legal challenge against the law have, for the time at least, been put on hold. City council did vote to continue to explore ways to oppose the problematic bill, but it will undergo some due process and may take on a different form than a $100,000 cheque straight out of taxpayers pockets towards the legal efforts.

For the time being, the tax dollars are staying in Calgary, where they belong.

While this is a small victory to celebrate, Gondek's short time as mayor has been anything but meritorious of celebration. Aside from calling for the unvaccinated to be excluded from society and botching a Flames arena deal which has already cost Calgarians millions of dollars, Mayor Gondek also has wants us all living in fear over the alleged “climate emergency” that we are facing.

I for one have had enough of Gondek's nonsense already, if you agree that there is no climate emergency go to and sign out petition to let Jyoti know that her ideological drivel needs to stop.

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  • By Adam Soos

PETITION: No Climate Emergency

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Goal: 25,000 Signatures

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