Canada's former environment minister calls anyone who opposes carbon taxes 'arsonists'

A recent poll by Ipsos commissioned by the Montreal Economic Institute shows that Canadians across all age groups, including younger, traditional left voting demographics, are over the carbon tax.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host Sheila Gunn Reid spoke about some of the comments made by Liberals on the necessity of a carbon tax.

In a bizarre tweet, Justin Trudeau's former environment minister Catherine McKenna said that, "Conservative politicians want to fight about a price on carbon pollution? You want to make it free to pollute while Canadians pay with their lives threatened, homes destroyed and their communities obliterated? SO what are you going to do? You are the arsonists."

"Real people are being charged with arson in relation to forest fires in this country. But Catherine McKenna is writing their defense arguments for them," said Sheila, responding to the tweet.

Sheila continued:

And just how many many Canadians did Catherine McKenna just call arsonists because they don't think taxes change the weather? Oh, about 60% of Canadians, at least according to some very recent polling released by Ipsos on behalf of the Montreal Economic Institute.

Now, to be fair, the Montreal Economic Institute, they're a bunch of free market advocates.

"Justin Trudeau wants us all divided," concluded Sheila. "He wants us Albertans to think that we are butting heads all the time with everyday-Quebecers, and I don't believe we are. We are butting heads with politicians in Quebec and we are butting heads with the federal government who wants us to believe that Quebecers have a certain sentiment about us and our oil that they just don't have."

"Quebecers want oil from Alberta. Albertans want to give it to them. The only thing dividing us is the federal government and their anti-oil policies."

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