Liberals brand carbon tax skeptics as climate arsonists amid Canada's wildfire crisis

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The Liberal establishment's accusation that carbon tax skeptics are climate arsonists is going to roast what's left of the party's support.

As fires burn in BC and in the North, and as real firebugs are being charged with criminal fire starting, Liberal mouthpieces are accusing Canadians who cannot bear the burden of another useless tax are being blamed for the catastrophe.

A recent poll by Ipsos commissioned by the Montreal Economic Institute shows that Canadians across all age groups, including younger, traditional left voting demographics, are over the carbon tax.

"Six in 10 Canadians can’t or don’t want to pay more in taxes to fight climate change."

And the sentiments of Canadians are pro-oil and gas and pro-pipeline, despite the Liberals anti-oil and gas rhetoric and policies.

"Across the country, two in three respondents (67 per cent) are favourable to the development of oil and gas pipelines to ports in Eastern and Western Canada in order to export to Europe and Asia. In Quebec, the proportion is 61 per cent.

"Six in ten Canadians say they are in favour of developing and exporting natural gas to Europe in order to reduce its dependency on Russian gas. Two in three Quebecers are in favour of doing so."

The disconnect between the Liberals' fringe minority views and the voting preferences of Canadians are on a collision course.

And it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

GUEST: Edmonton Sun's Lorne Gunter on Enviro Minister Steven Guilbeault's new gig helping the Chinese communist government to go green.

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