Canada's hottest summer ever? Fake news, says Environment Canada

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Environment and Climate Change Canada’s own messaging shows that our country isn’t burning to the ground!

Will they scrap the carbon tax or their inconvenient weather bulletins?

It’s probably one of the most predictable things about the weather in Canada - that politicians and environmentalists will eventually dub this year “the hottest summer on record”. Either the last year was just declared the hottest year ever, or the next year will be that one. It’s a constant cycle of anxiety and dire warnings.

But is that true? Was last year the hottest? Not for large parts of Canada, and maybe not even for all parts of Canada, given the short nature of the so-called record.

Blacklocks Reporter has the story behind their paywall:

“The Department of Environment in a climate change bulletin said this past summer was cooler in much of the country than in the 1950s. Data followed election claims the planet was “burning”.

“National temperatures were seven-tenths of a degree above average, the same as the summer of 1955.”

Blacklocks referred to an Environment and Climate Change messaging document called Climate Trends And Variations Bulletin. So I found that bulletin and I read it. It was a mixed bag but whatever way you slice it, Canada is not in the throes of a climate catastrophe.

“The national average temperature for the summer (June–August) of 2019 was 0.6°C above the baseline average (defined as the mean over the 1961–1990 reference period), based on preliminary data, which is the 25th warmest observed since nationwide recording began in 1948”

The 25th warmest year on record but the record is only the 72 most recent years in human history.

“Yukon, western and southern British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island also experienced temperatures above the baseline average”

But here's the kicker:

“Below-average temperatures were experienced in Northwest Territories, northeastern British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Labrador.”

All those climate emergency declarations proclaimed in Canadian cities last year as part of a global movement seem a little unnecessary now, don’t you think?

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