Canadian Forces conduct “information operation” against Canadian citizens

Ezra Levant breaks down a story from the National Post outlining how the Canadian Forces saw the COVID-19 pandemic as a “unique opportunity to test propaganda on Canadians.”

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A story in the National Post this week seemed to confirm something Rebel News discussed at length last year on a website called The Canadian Forces conducting “information operations” against Canadian citizens.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra dissected this important story, 

Explaining the types of propaganda that can be used, Ezra said:

Testing propaganda on Canadians? Are they still doing that, by the way? That's the thing about propaganda, it often doesn't work as well if you tell people you're doing it.

Some propaganda is 'white propaganda' like a public service announcement. You see who's saying it and understand why. You know they're trying to manipulate you, but it's like any other ad — you know who's saying it and why. 

'Grey propaganda' as it's called is a little bit vague. You sort of still know it's going on, but 'black propaganda' is the name given to it when you're being tricked.

For example, we just now learned, from the New York Times no less, that the January 6 'insurrection' on Capitol Hill was actually led by FBI informants and undercover agents. That's a kind of propaganda — do something provocative, but with a hidden hand, a false flag to cause disrepute to your enemy.

Now, you expect it in politics, you just don't expect it from the FBI.

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