Canadian women's rugby sevens team sports BIPOC Lives Matter shirts

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There were many glowing, gushing and fawning articles published the other day about the Canadian women’s rugby sevens team, which is now over in Tokyo competing at a spectator-free Olympic Games that apparently nobody seems to care about.

But then again, why shouldn’t there be full-page newspaper articles about these Canuck ladies winning the gold medal? Oops. At time of writing, the squad hadn’t even played a single rugby game yet. Their chests weren’t adorned with glittery medals, but rather, with black and white T-shirts proclaiming: “BIPOC Lives Matter.”

Now, at first blush, I misread BIPOC for BIOPIC, and I thought, gee, how curious that these gals are going to bat for the lives of documentary filmmakers?

Alas, BIPOC actually stands for: “Black, Indigenous and People Of Colour.”

But missing from all the articles was an explanation vis-à-vis what the rules are when it comes to whose lives matter... and whose lives do not. I must say: I’m completely confused.

You see, Black Lives Matter is the grand-daddy phrase.

I agree with the sentiment that black lives indeed matter, although I loathe the organization Black Lives Matter, as it is so jam-packed with Marxists and racists. Case in point: Yusra Khogali, a.k.a., Yusra Ali.

She’s one of the organizers of Black Lives Matter Toronto. And apparently, Yusra tweeted this mirthful message awhile back: “PLZ Allah, give me the strength not to cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today. plz plz plz.”

By the way, Toronto Mayor John “Woke” Tory would later give her some sort of civic award for... something. Worst. Mayor. Ever.

But here’s the thing: I am of the firm belief that ALL lives matter. Every single one. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. thought so back in the day. And what reasonable person would not be on board with such a sentiment? Yet, stating that All Lives Matter is supposedly an egregious act of cultural appropriation... or at least an act of T-shirt slogan appropriation.

Just ask the folks at Pollocks Home Hardware.

Last July, this shop in Toronto’s West End put up a sign that declared: “All lives matter. Be safe. Be kind.” Hogtown’s woke mob reacted with absolute fury. You’d think that Pollocks had put a swastika on display.

In a blogTO post, one triggered social justice warrior gasped: “I actually can’t believe I saw this. How has this not been addressed?”

Naturally, the sign very quickly came down, lest a “mostly-peaceful” Antifa community outreach group drop by to introduce the hardware store to an assortment of Molotov summer cocktails.

But that was then and this is now.

Because apparently in 2021, you CAN MacGyver the Black Lives Matter slogan. The rugby gals are being applauded for their tinkering, not condemned.

But are they truly being as inclusive as they could be? Does BIPOC include gay lives and trans lives? Does it include Latino lives? What about paleface lives? (Strike that last suggestion.) But hey, I get it, there’s only so much real estate on a T-shirt… so maybe the rugby gals should start wearing shirts stating: “All Lives Matter – except one category.” That oughta do it.

Or how about this? Enough with the virtue signalling. How about, just, you know, go out and play rugby and try to win a gold medal for our great Dominion? And, hey, should they finish second or third, perhaps they can climb up onto the podium adorned in T-shirts that state: “Silver and Bronze medals matter”... even though, let’s face it, folks, nobody really gives a rodent’s rectum about those trinkets.

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