CBC comedian’s attempt at humiliating Poilievre backfires

'Is that what free speech is? A Conservative politician has to be 'interviewed' by an unfunny comedian or else it's censorship? Yeah no I don't think so,' said Ezra Levant.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed the CBC's latest 'comedic' attempt at embarrassing Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre.

During a recent rally, comedian Dan Dillabough from This Hour Has 22 Minutes ambushed Poilievre, originally portraying himself as an emphatic supporter before hounding the politician with bizarre questions.

Dillabough sarcastically asked Poilievre what his least favourite province is and whether Canada could save money by "sinking PEI into the sea."

The Conservative leader responded by telling the CBC comedian "I think we could save money by spending a billion less on terrible comedians and propagandists from the PMO."

Ezra spoke about Dillabough's "laser eye surgery" jab at Poilievre after first introducing himself at the rally. "Is that funny? The laser eye surgery thing. I don't know if Pierre Poilievre has had laser eye surgery or if he's wearing contact lenses. I really don't know anything about Poilievre's medical situation, it's a weird personal comment," he said.

"And a bit of a laugh that the CBC thinks Pierre Poilievre  not pretty boy, clothes horse, Mr. hair, Justin Trudeau, Mr. fancy socks — is the one obsessed with cosmetics. But mainly, that's your first best line? You've been waiting for hours, you've had hours to think of a line. And that's all you've got?" he added.

Ezra went on to say, "I honestly think Poilievre might have missed who this guy was. Because no one else watches this show, no one has heard of 'Dan' on 22 Minutes. And I think it was deliberately done to be quick and confusing."

Throughout his campaign, Poilievre has pledged to defund the CBC and says it can save Canadians $1 billion through the elimination of subsidies.

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