CBC staffer throws colleagues under the bus during kiboshed Poilievre ambush

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Last week a government-sanctioned 'comedian' tried to ambush Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre at a rally, and he failed miserably.

Tonight, Ezra highlights the rapid decline of CBC's comedy show, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, now that taxpayer dollars are involved.

I’m old enough to remember when the state broadcaster's comedy show debuted nearly thirty years ago. I was alive to the biases of the CBC back then, but I tell you, it was much lighter.

Dan Dillabough, who works for the low-rated show, tried to reheat the tired gag that Mary Walsh first did decades ago. Her character, Marg Delahunty, would interrupt and berate politicians.

In Dillabough’s version, it was done without costume, a colourful persona or any jokes of real substance. And painfully, without the usual 22 Minutes laugh track. The CBC tweeted out the video of their ambush, which bombed with viewers on social media.

From the interaction, a three second clip had been edited out for expediency.

Rebel News reached out to Chuck Thompson, head of public affairs at the state broadcaster, who provided the publication with the unedited version of the interaction in question, 

Surprising to none, Dillabough's response to Poilievre’s criticism of the CBC had been cut from the final production. 

Poilievre said when he’s prime minister, CBC staff like him will "have to earn a living rather than getting it from taxpayers’ money." Dillabough replied: "Oh listen, I’m one of the good ones."

The staffer appeared to panic in the moment, not knowing what to say when Poilievre predictably criticized the CBC.

He was saying the quiet part out loud — and claiming not to be part of it. Dillabough was condemning the rest of the CBC — he was throwing his colleagues under the bus. There was no editorial or comedic reason to cut those three seconds.

They were cut for purely political reasons — so as not to embarrass the CBC politically. Which just proves that everything at the broadcaster— from journalism to “comedy” — is edited with a political eye.

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