CHARGES DROPPED: Siblings fined $575 each for defying COVID rules trying to visit dying father

Fight the Fines has lockdown tickets withdrawn for Saskatchewan siblings who travelled to the Yukon to see their dying father in the hospital

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Colin Wilson and his sisters received news in June that no one wants: their father was fatally ill. The trio from Unity, Saskatchewan made the decision to make a rushed trip to the Yukon to see their dad after he was hospitalized for cancer. They were told their dad could pass away any day.

But when they got to their destination, in Watson Lake, Yukon, they were met with COVID rules that would prevent them from seeing their dad. They had to isolate, and quarantine, and provide proof of vaccination. Colin gave the government his license plate and contact info, and not much else. He and his sisters were forced to wait two days before someone finally allowed them into the hospital to see their terminally ill dad.

It was shortly after this that Colin received a phone call from the local authorities in the Yukon. They wanted him to leave his father's bedside and go to Whitehorse to explain his vaccination status in order to avoid serious fines, or worse.

Well, Colin went to Whitehorse and he did not avoid the fines. He and his sisters were each slapped with $575 worth of COVID fines for the crime of saying goodbye to their dad before he passed. How heartless!

The Wilson siblings sent their tickets to, Rebel News' civil liberties project, where in partnership with a registered Canadian charity, the Democracy Fund, we help people fight their lockdown tickets in court at no cost to them.

Luke Coupal from Caritas Law in Saskatoon got to work for the Wilsons and he recently had the Crown withdraw their tickets! What a relief for a family that is already going through so much.

Thank you to everyone who donated to You made this win possible for a family that really needed it.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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