Chinese media: “We LAUGH” at Tiananmen Square vigils

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Friday was the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, when Chinese tanks, under the direct command of the Communist dictatorship, attacked thousands of pro-democracy students who had gathered in at the square in the heart of Beijing. According to the British embassy, at least 10,000 people were murdered that day.

But after some huffing and puffing, well, the world moved on. After all, China was opening up its economy and there were plenty of people who wanted to make a buck or two billion there.

Turns out, not much has changed. Nike and Coca Cola literally lobbied against a U.S. bill that addressed the Uyghur genocide. They love that money too.

A Chinese propaganda outlet published this on the anniversary of Tiananmen:

“They’re laughing. They just said they're laughing. Now, they always laughed; but just in private until recently. In public, maybe they were ashamed or at least pretended to be," says Ezra Levant.

"Now they know they don’t have to. If they can get John Cena to blubber like that, and Nike — the brand of Black Lives Matter, the brand of Colin Kaepernick — if they can get the 'Take A Knee' guy to support Xinjiang — to lobby for genocide commerce, why not laugh?”

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