Chris Sky rallies pro-freedom crowd outside CBC Toronto headquarters

With the city’s by-election coming up on June 26, with over 100 candidates, Sky has been on a campaign promotional blitz as he faces challenges getting media attention and access to candidate debates.

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On a rainy Saturday, May 20, the Worldwide Freedom Rally for those continuing to demonstrate against COVID and vaccine restrictions that linger in 2023 was set at 250 Front Street West, CBC’s downtown Toronto headquarters. Several dozen people gathered outside the building as the rain cleared up. The ongoing weekly Freedom Rally at Queen's Park marched through the streets to meet the rest of the crowd by early afternoon.

Mayoral candidate, Chris Saccocia, better known as Chris Sky, joined the rally as part of his campaign running for the top position in Toronto. Sky was a vocal anti-lockdown campaigner during the pandemic, but also became a controversial figure as factions emerged within the freedom movement and social media posts were unearthed that suggested he is a Holocaust denier.

With Toronto's by-election to replace John Tory coming upon June 26, with over 100 candidates, Sky has been on a campaign promotional blitz as he faces challenges getting media attention and access to candidate debates. Olivia Chow is the current frontrunner; a Mainstreet Research survey shows her with 30 percent of the vote. Sky was noticeably not named in the survey, but 26 percent of voters are still undecided.

“They don't want you driving a car, they don't want you flying on vacation. They want you on a bike, they want you on a five kilometer radius just like when you were locked down.”

From a mobile speaker setup on the back of a truck parked in front of the state broadcaster’s headquarters, several speakers gave the crowd their thoughts on rising tyranny in Canada.

They touched on the World Economic Forum’s influence on Canadian politicians, such as our Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, who sits on the Forum’s Board of Trustees. Another topic was the threat of central bank digital currencies being implemented, which can be used to track and manipulate the populace into state approved activities more easily. As seen in 2022’s Trucker Freedom Convoy, the Canadian government froze bank accounts of protesters and supporters of the movement aimed at the removal of all COVID restrictions in the country by peaceful protest in Ottawa.

Sky took to the microphone and gave his over 10-minute long pitch to voters on why they shouldn’t trust the other candidates, and elect him as mayor. He touched on one of the biggest issues facing residents in the province’s capital: the high cost of living. Sky slammed other people’s promises as empty, with nothing behind their strategy.

"It's very simple. If you're buying a place for over… that’ll cost you a million dollars. Over 30% of those costs are government taxes, fees and levies.

So we are going to provide development incentives to the developers to streamline the development process for high-density, non-15 minute city style residential development.

We're going to make the zoning development and building process streamlined... this will allow the developers to build far more units in  far less time, which will bring down the housing costs significantly.

And for the people like the young people and the people who don't have dual income families or families that have absolutely no chance of owning a home in Toronto, we are going to introduce a rent to own program that will allow those people to dream of home ownership.

Not only will this improve the look and feel of our city, but young people who are now paying rent for the next many years and just throwing that money away and spending every dollar they make every month because they know it's not going anywhere anyways will now be able to invest in their own equity, their own future and that will change their attitude, their outlook on life forever.”

Sky continued in the passionate speech to the reciprocal crowd, directly calling out Chow for hypocrisy in her election promises that will inevitably result in higher taxes, and her open support of shutting down businesses and medical discrimination during lockdowns.

“How is [Olivia Chow] going to raise revenue and pay for things? Oh, she's ready to raise taxes. Oh, wait, you guys aren't cheering. Why aren't you cheering? Don't you want higher taxes? Isn't that what Toronto needs right now?

More than anything after, after our COVID crisis, after our small business prices. And that's another thing, how many of these politicians pretend like they're about small business. Meanwhile, they are all complicit in closing down over 30% of the small businesses in our entire country.

Over 95% of our businesses are small businesses. Over 70% of our jobs come from small businesses and they decimated the backbone of our economy and the backbone of this great city, while they look at you in the face and tell you that they plan on helping you.”

A full video report is to follow next week from my coverage on the ground, including interviews from those demonstrating for freedom and an exclusive interview with Chris Sky.

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