Christians, Muslims united against '2SLGBTQ+' propaganda at Ottawa Catholic School Board protest

Ottawa has seen a number of recent protests opposed to the teaching of radical gender theory in the city's schools.

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About 100 demonstrators protested outside the Ottawa Catholic School Board's (OCSB) headquarters in the nation's capital on Monday, opposing the school board's acceptance and promotion of what it described as the “2SLGBTQ+ community.”

The demonstrators held signs with messages including: “Gender ideology does not belong in schools,” “Leave the kids alone,” “Canada is united,” “Let boys be boys and girls be girls” and “Make Catholic schools Catholic again.”

Caroline, a 16-year-old girl who helped organized the event, told Rebel News she had been inspired by Save Canada founder Josh Alexander's activism against sexual propaganda marketed as educational curriculum.

“It's all about confusing them and making life harder for them when they're already trying to figure themselves out,” Caroline said of the OCSB's “2SLGBTQ+” messaging operations marketed as education.

Caroline noted the growing rates of psychoactive drugs used by children via medical prescriptions under the auspices of mental health and well-being when asked about broader student welfare.

Miriam, Caroline's mother, told Rebel News she had become aware of the degrading quality of education provide by the OCSB when she observed her daughter's “remote learning” during lockdowns of schools, ostensibly issued to reduce transmission of COVID-19.

She said, “When COVID hit, they did the pivoting, and they went to online schooling, and, obviously, I was listening to what the teacher was saying. And I'm like, 'Where is the education? What is she teaching? I don't see it.' (Teachers) talk about their mornings. They talk about their kids. Maybe 10 minutes out of the whole classroom time (is when) they speak about something that's related to school.”

She continued, “I said, 'You know what? you're not learning anything, and you have so much potential. I want you to have a good education,' so I removed her from the school system.”

John, another of the event's organizers and speakers, described the OCSB's “2SLGBTQ+” messaging campaign as a rejection of objective reality and truth.

He said, “The Christian faith — and, in fact, most religions — believe in an absolute, and one of the concrete ways of showing something that's absolute is in our creation, as male and female. We believe that God created men and women as distinct.”

John emphasized how some people frame fixed biological and material realities as arbitrary social constructs subject to change.

“The other side [says] that everything is changeable, everything is malleable,” he said. “It's all fluid, but even the other side doesn't really believe that, because if you try to change back, if you try to detransition, they put laws on the books to stop that. So it's really fluid only one way, not the other.”

Various speakers emphasized unity between Christians and Muslims in opposition to the government-run schools' promotion of sexualized propaganda marketed as “equity” and “inclusivity.”

The Ontario Ministry of Education's “Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy” highlights the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board's (OCDSB) promotion of “equity-related work” as an illustration of compliance with its sexual dogma targeting children:

The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board has established a partnership with community agencies to form the Rainbow Coalition, which provides lesbian, gay, bisexual, two-spirited, trans-identified, and straight students with a safe space to socialize, support each other, and discuss concerns. Teachers and other adults facilitate conversations about key issues raised by students, highlighted by a one-day Rainbow Forum.

The OCSB launched an online messaging campaign dubbed "#ocsbPRIDE" in line with the Pride Month enterprise:

Pride Month is a time of year to celebrate the 2SLGBTQ+ community and appreciate how together we enrich our vibrant school communities. As the OCSB community grows, our students and staff reflect our commitment to the “dignity and respect for all human beings” within the Catholic faith. OCSB GSAs, Rainbow and Diversity clubs work together to organize Pride Month celebrations with the help of their peers and OCSB staff. The Progress flag will be flown at all OCSB schools this month.

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