Chrystia Freeland boasts immigration is Canada's economic 'secret sauce' at socialist summit

With Canadians across the country facing a housing crisis, Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland bragged to a crowd of global progressives that record-high immigration levels is the secret to Canada's economic success.

Chrystia Freeland boasts immigration is Canada's economic 'secret sauce' at socialist summit
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The past weekend, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland attended the hypocritical globalist gathering called the “Global Progress Action” summit alongside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and several other current and former heads of state, where she bragged about the Liberal Party's ‘accomplishments’, like bringing one million permanent and temporary immigrants in 2022 and a recent proposed shakedown on grocery retailers.

Freeland's participation came near the end of the event, leading the last segment as she powered through a 20-minute speech to the audience filled with “progressive political leaders, policy experts and changemakers from more than 15 countries” according to the event's organizer.

During her address, she touched on Canada’s strong progressive policies and how to keep the country following this path instead of opting for the so-called ‘far-right populist’ surging past the Liberals in recent polls.

She bragged about the Liberal government’s approach to addressing Canada's cost-of-living crisis, which Trudeau had announced last week with a thinly-veiled threat to tax grocery retailers, despite industry profit margins ranging from 2% to 5%.

“Our government expects our country’s largest grocers to take a Team Canada approach, and do their part to get prices down and keep them down,” Freeland said.

The proposal comes off as ridiculous, given the Trudeau Liberals recent increase to the federal carbon tax — which raises the price for farmers and truckers to produce and ship food, which falls onto consumers — and plan to do so continually to fight climate change. 

Several premiers from the Atlantic have come out and directly asked the federal government to put a halt on this tax as their constituents can’t afford the rising fuel prices as a result.

The deputy prime minister, however, continues to speak about the Liberals’ record immigration rates, which saw over one million new Canadians enter the country through temporary immigration like foreign workers and international students along with 500,000 new permanent immigrants.

Freeland's speech continued:

Immigration at a moment when an aging population is one of the greatest challenges facing the developed western world.

When our economies are all desperate for skilled workers, Canada’s unique enthusiasm for welcoming new Canadians not only makes our communities more vibrant, it is also an international economic competitive advance and sorry to say to the non-Canadians who are here.

This is one, this is part of Canada’s secret sauce, economically.

Her words falls on deaf ears though, as Canadians are faced with a severe national housing crisis.

Rebel News reporters Alexa Lavoie and Lincoln Jay were at the socialist summit, and were able to confront Freeland and other left-wing leaders on their hypocritical actions.

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