City Hall ATTACK: Rebel News demands Toronto police investigate Antifa assault

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As you likely know, last month a collection of thugs commandeered Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto and created a Seattle-inspired “autonomous zone.” They also declared their filthy tent city a “sacred circle” (translation: it’s a no-go zone.) They go by the name Afro-Indigenous Rising, even though most of the membership seem to consist of lily-white social justice warriors.

As for Mayor John Tory? Not only did he bend the knee to this mob – not only did he go out of his way to make the squatters comfortable by providing them portable toilets – but he instructed City Hall Security to prohibit us from practicing journalism in the public square!

But that’s not how we roll at Rebel News. Despite the hostility we received from the squatters and the mall cops who comprise City Hall Security, we returned to embrace our constitutional right to practice journalism.

And the so-called “peaceful protesters” were enraged. They swarmed us (despite the presence of seven bodyguards) and threw punches and tried to damage our equipment. But we prevailed.

And now we are going on the offensive. The spineless coward that is John Tory might be okay with Toronto descending into a realm of lawlessness, but we are not. So it is, that we are going after those violent individuals who were caught on camera assaulting us.

Step one was our recent letter from our lawyers to Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders. It reads in part:

“Our democracy is founded upon the freedom to hold, receive, and disseminate ideas and viewpoints without restriction, and certainly without fear of retaliatory physical assaults. Rebel News personnel — both in their role as journalists and as Canadian citizens lawfully on public property (especially the public square) — are entitled to report without being physically assaulted or threatened. On behalf of our clients, we are writing to urgently request that the Toronto Police Service investigate and make every effort to identify and charge those that physically assaulted Rebel News’ personnel. We expect this will include reviewing the video footage provided by our office in the enclosed hyperlink, interviewing the City Hall security guards, interviewing the protesters in the tents on-site and canvassing for other witnesses, obtaining and reviewing CCTV cameras and other cell phone footage that may be on social media, and other investigative methods the police deem appropriate. The culprits remain in tents on public property with the consent and protection of the Toronto City Council, Security, and Police Service, notwithstanding their misconduct. We look forward to hearing from you or other members of the Toronto Police confirming that an investigation has been opened and that concrete steps are being undertaken.”

And if the police still forgo their public duty of serving and protecting, then we will enact step two by pursuing a private prosecution. Step three shall be a civil lawsuit, although it is unlikely any of the bums occupying Nathan Phillips Square have any assets.

But it’s not about the money, it’s about the principle: Mayor Tory may be okay with Toronto becoming a violent hellhole, looking the other way as the public square descends into anarchy. But not us.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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