City of Calgary sends Rebel News huge bill instead of documents relating to Climate Emergency Declaration

The City responded to our access to information request by telling us we need to pay $600 to get the documents.

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Calgary's newly elected mayor, Jyoti Gondek, is extending the secretive culture fostered by former mayor Naheed Nenshi at Calgary City Hall. Nenshi held more closed-door council meetings than any other mayor in Canada during his time as mayor.

Within three weeks of being elected, Gondek declared a “climate emergency” in Cowtown as part of her focus on combatting global warming in the city of 1.3 million, a peculiar focus when the downtown commercial core is suffering from a 30% vacancy rate and snow removal remains a ballooning budgetary line item, year in year out.

Rebel reporter Adam Soos started a campaign to send a message to city hall through a petition at where signatories can also click a link to send the mayor a direct message to let her know what the public thinks.

Adam's petition gives the public a voice in a process where the public was seemingly never considered. A climate emergency declaration three weeks post swearing-in of Gondek indicates little or no public consultation was done on the issue.

Rebel News filed for access to information documents regarding the communication and planning of the climate hysteria declaration, and the costs associated with it. Given the short timeline around the announcement, we expected very few documents.

That, according to the city, is not the case. The city responded to our request that there were so many documents they needed $600 to produce them for us.

This indicates a large number of communications flying around, and yet few of those seem to be with the public.

Who were City managers and the mayor talking to, instead? Were foreign-funded environmentalist organizations involved in making a declaration that will create expensive police for Calgary taxpayers?

The public deserves to know.

Rebel News takes no government funding and relies on the support of our viewers to do investigative journalism that holds our politicians to account on behalf of the citizens. To fund this access to information filing, please visit


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  • By Adam Soos

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