David Menzies appears in court after shocking arrest while covering anti-Israel protest

Reporter David Menzies is still being prosecuted for practicing journalism. Meanwhile, a man displaying the flag of a terrorist group had his charges thrown out in court.

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You may recall that in March, a Liberal Party of Canada fundraiser featuring Justin Trudeau was staged at Toronto’s opulent King Edward Hotel. A few hundred pro-Hamas demonstrators flooded onto King Street, trying to cancel this event.

They were no doubt emboldened by their success in shutting down a dinner at the Art Gallery of Ontario in early March that was to feature Trudeau and his Italian counterpart, Giorgia Meloni.

But thanks to a considerable police presence, the pro-Hamas hooligans were unsuccessful in shutting down Trudeau’s King Eddy fundraiser. And so it was that they fell back to their du rigueur chants calling for genocide as the cops looked on.

But as the night wore on, suddenly the police did get active. Yet it had nothing to do with issuing hate speech charges. No, some police officers approached Rebel News journalist David Menzies and cameraman Efron Monsanto. And suddenly, these cops reimagined themselves as part of the Pre-Crimes Unit as depicted in the film, Minority Report.

Which is to say these Toronto police officers thought Menzies “might” ask some questions that would trigger the pro-Hamas types! So they shut down the Q&A — and proceeded to arrest Menzies for his own “protection”! Unbelievable. It’s as though Bill C-63 is already law!

Menzies was charged with obstruct police — even though all the obstruction was being carried out BY the police!

Menzies had his first court appearance last month. The matter was pushed ahead to May 1 as the Crown needed more time for disclosure. But it was more of the same on Wednesday morning as the Crown yet again asked for more time for disclosure. A new court date is set for June 5.

Later, the lawyer for Menzies told him that there is a proposed deal: the obstruct police charge will be dropped if Menzies enters into a peace bond agreement and signs a statement admitting that he did something wrong that day (like, what?). Needless to say, no deal.

And get a load of this; just a few days before the latest Menzies court appearance, the National Post reported that a pro-Hamas demonstrator who was displaying the flag of a terrorist group — the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLFP) — had his charges withdrawn!

The 41-year-old man’s lawyer, Shane Martinez, said the charge was “withdrawn by the Crown Attorney on account of there being no reasonable prospect of conviction.”

So there you have it: the Crown seems to think that there is nothing wrong with displaying the flag of a terrorist organization and chanting for genocide. But if a journalist on a public street might ask a query that will further infuriate the hateful hooligans who comprise Team Hamas, then the practice of journalism is somehow a criminal act and the journalist must be punished.

Is your blood boiling yet?

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