David Menzies makes first court appearance after asking anti-Israel protesters 'insensitive' questions

Welcome to Justin Trudeau’s Canada in 2024. Police turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to certain people calling for genocide. As for the independent press? Looks like the cops have never heard of that old adage: 'don’t shoot the messenger.'

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You may recall that last month, a Liberal Party of Canada fundraiser featuring Justin Trudeau was staged at Toronto’s opulent King Edward Hotel. And we were most curious to see if the event would be shut down by the few hundred pro-Hamas demonstrators who spilled onto King Street, forcing the police to shut down a portion of this busy thoroughfare.

In early March, these hooligans were indeed successful in shutting down a dinner at the Art Gallery of Ontario that was to feature Trudeau and his Italian counterpart, Giorgia Meloni. But the Hamas supporters occupied the area outside the AGO and blocked the doors.

And even though Toronto Police 52 Division is just one block away, the cops collectively shrugged their shoulders and allowed mob rule to take over. Par for the course, there were no arrests; nobody was tossed into solitary confinement; nobody had their bank accounts frozen. And the cancellation of the event made for yet another international embarrassment for Canada.

But at the King Edward event, a sizeable law enforcement presence ensured the fundraiser would go ahead. Money talks…

Truthfully, the vibe on King Street that evening was downright weird. With pompous Liberal supporters inside the venue and hate-spewing Hamas types on the outside, who pray tell, was one supposed to cheer for? Indeed, the scenario reminded us of the tagline for the 2004 movie, Alien vs. Predator: “Whoever wins… we lose.”

It was also somewhat odd that Trudeau was generating so much heat from the Hamas folk. Case in point: several posters denounced the prime minister as “Genocide Justin.” While there’s some alliteration there to be sure, does the sentiment ring true? After all, in recent weeks, the Trudeau Liberals have clearly signalled that they are clearly on Team Hamas as they further abandon Israel.

But a funny thing happened as journalist David Menzies and cameraman Efron Monsanto practiced journalism in a public place: some Toronto Police officers thought some questions might be too impolite for the pro-Hamas types to deal with. So they shut down the Q&A — and proceeded to arrest Menzies for his own “protection”! Unbelievable. It’s as though Bill C-63 is already law! Either that or they were filming the sequel for Minority Report.

Indeed, welcome to Justin Trudeau’s Canada in 2024. Police turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to certain people calling for genocide. As for the independent press? Looks like the cops have never heard of that old adage: “don’t shoot the messenger.”

On Wednesday, Menzies had his first court appearance. But get this: the Crown had yet to prepare their disclosure— even though this arrest took place weeks ago! Why is the Crown ragging the puck here? Why hasn’t this outrageous charge been dropped? Are there forces behind the scenes that want to make an example of the independent press? That’s what it looks like to us.

What’s even more stunning is that there is a disturbing crime wave occurring in Toronto. Homicide, shootings and knifings, sexual assaults are spiking. And Hogtown has emerged as a global hub for vehicle theft. But shutting down the practice of journalism is apparently a priority because hateful hooligans might have their feelings hurt?

Incredible…Indeed, the police aren’t about actual law enforcement anymore; rather, it’s all about “keeping the peace.” And if keeping the peace means turning a blind eye to real crime and arresting journalists, then so be it. We tend to back the Blue, but this is disgraceful. The next court appearance for Menzies is May 1. Stay tuned.

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