Cleveland bakery receives threats for helping police investigate looters

Cleveland bakery receives threats for helping police investigate looters

A Cleveland bakery owner says that she is receiving threats for helping the police investigate those who destroyed her business.  

In an interview with Fox & Friends, Kelly Kandah said that helping the police investigate the crime prompted anger from supporters of Black Lives Matter. Kandah’s business, Colossal Cupcakes, was targeted by rioters on May 30 as protesters and rioters marched across cities in the United States to protest the death of George Floyd following his arrest by the Minneapolis Police Department.  

Kandah says she felt her life threatened when rioters ransacked her store and was forced to lock herself in the bathroom until they left. Cleveland police saved her life, she says.  

“The store’s gotten some threats,” she said. When it gets rebuilt it’s going to get hit again. That my cooperation is unfair. That I shouldn’t be — I shouldn’t be cooperating with the FBI. That, you know… it’s… against the cause,” said Kandah, who says she supports the protest movement.  

I’m actually absolutely for the cause. But it’s upsetting people that I would… involve the police over something such as property,” she said, adding that showing she received in-person threats for speaking to the police. 

“I was showing some of the damage and I was leaving, a friend and myself, and someone walking by approached us and said, ‘When the store rebuilds, when you rebuild this, I’m going to come back and destroy it again and you.’ He sort of just kept walking and was gone,” she said, according to the Daily Caller 

Kandah, who told Fox & Friends that she is involved in the community and the city’s inner-city schools, says that she’s saddened as she’s unable to perform any further service to the community due to the destruction of her business.